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Amazingly put, very true!


Touching, heartwarming and very very you. Very proud of you xxxx


Beautifully written, and whilst I am yet to experience this second time around love, I almost feel like I have through your writing. You're so lucky to have two beautiful children El, and they are so, so loved :) xxx


Thank you all so much! I've been trying to write this for ages and it's been tricky to put into words.


Oh Eleanor, this is just beautiful. I feel like sharing it with the world! Your such a wonderful writer.

I have been thinking about why I might have felt something closer to your experience with no.2 with my no.1, perhaps because I have step children that I love dearly, perhaps i already had an idea (over 5 years of step-parent hood) of what it feels to have a small person need you and to love them. But perhaps it is simply because we all have such different experiences in birth and labour?

I hope oneday I might have a baby no.2 experience, perhaps i get the fireworks that time!

I did have something closer to the fireworks you describe the 1st morning we woke up at home together, i woke up, the sun was shining, a beautiful song was quietly playing on the radio (yes back in the days when one still require an alarm clock!) and I felt utterly euphoric!

Keep writing El, its so lovely to read!


Oh wow that is amazingly beautiful, made me well up x

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